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Laurence k 2 years ago
I don’t believe for one minute that she is married to that ugly cunt
Berry 2 years ago
Good way to pay. If I could pay my debs like this I'll gladly get more to spread my legs daily
Saeed the king 3 years ago
Anonymous 1 year ago
That’s the most busted looking kitty I’ve ever seen. Looks like it exploded.
2 years ago
I was left like this by a bull from NJ. I was all sweaty...we both were here used my pussy so much and he told me that my pussy belonged to him because I went to his house to give him the pussy. He was right.. so I just let him used me for 7 hours non-stop. Best fuck of my life. So my goal is to get a group of 5-7 guys to use me when covid is over
Deano 7 months ago
Whiteboy321 1 year ago
You deserve more than that... While we're at it you probably only deserve to be fucked by black guys
1 year ago